SB Wine Shuttle - Sample Itinerary

Sample Itinerary

Please note that the actual wineries we visit are subject to change and we do not guarantee to visit any particular wineries on any particular day.

Depart Santa Barbara Hilton Beach Front 

10:15 am

Depart Santa Barbara Visitor Center  

10:30 am

Depart La Cumber Plaza (by request only)

10:45 am

Drop off: KALYRA Winery

11:30 am

Drop off: SUNSTONE  Winery

10:35 am

Pick up: KALYRA Winery

12:20 am

Pick up: SUNSTONE  Winery

12:30 am

Drop off: ZINKE Tasting Room Los Olivos

12:40 am

Time to explore Los Olivos

12:45 am

Tasting rooms / restaurants

– 2:30 pm

Pick up: Los Olivos

 2:30 pm

Drop off: BLACKJACK Winery

 2:40 pm

Drop off: RIDEAU Winery

 2:45 pm

Pick up: BLACKJACK Winery

 3:40 pm

Pick up: RIDEAU Winery

 3:45 pm

Drop off Hilton Beach Resort

 4:30 pm*

Drop off Santa Barbara Visitor Center

 4:45 pm*

Drop off La Cumbre Plaza – Sears

 4:55 pm*

*Return times are dependent on traffic conditions

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